Valparai Ride [Ride 23]


June 29th, 2019

Meet up and briefing : 5:15 AM

Route: Bangalore to Kowsiga home stay (Valparai) via Salem & Pollachi - 440 KM

June 30th, 2019

We spent the day exploring Valparai, there was a plan B to do Athirapally ride but we had to drop this since the previous day was a long one. We visited Number parai, Thalnar etc., Please be informed that you will need special permissions to enter Thalnar and exit before dark.

We also spotted Cheetah, Sambar and there were rumors that elephants were out on the road. Pleas avoid travelling after dark or solo. One of our bikes had battery issues and it just won't start, we had to leave the bike behind and come back for it with a working battery. Some goons had already stolen mobile chargers and fog lamps from the bike by the time we reached the site. Thank god we could still see the bike standing after all :-P

July 1st, 2019

Destination : Bangalore

Final day was dedicated just to ride to Bangalore, we left Valparai after breakfast. Unfortunately, we had to tackle a puncture and a breakdown. We managed to reach Bangalore by 11 p.m

Members Participated:

1. Gautham

2. Subramanya Rao

3. Akash Tank

4. Sushmita Tank

5. Akhil

6. Bhushan Narayan

7. Kanchana

8. Roy

9. Madan Devaiah

10. Sanjay

11. Vasant

12. Sai Prasad

13. Pavan B S

14. Mithun CK

15. Arun

16. Chethan

17. Mustafa

18. Venugoal Gaonkar


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