Kudremukha Ride [Ride 22]

Date: 13 Apr, 5:15 am 2019

Starting Point: Bangalore

Destination: Kuduremukha

Range: 650 Kms Round Trip

Stay: Nisarga home stay ( Contact - 9482798696)

Day 1:

Start Point: Bengaluru

Destination: Kudremukha

Distance: 310 Kms

The home-stay is located in the deep forest surrounded by coffee plantation and forest cover, some 10 kms away from the Kalasa town. There are no paved roads for the last 6 to 8 kilometers and you definitely do not want to take your car if it has rained there.

It is advised to get your shopping done at Kalasa town since you will not have access to any shops once you reach this home-stay. This home-stay is at the very end of the road and hence privacy is guaranteed. A 5 minute walk will take you to river Bhadra (Watch the video to see more of this). The water is not very deep and the host was generous enough to escort us to the river and showed us the safest places. As there is no mobile network except for BSNL, you can switch off your smartphone and connect with the nature as long as you wish to stay there.

Day 2 : We visited the river once again in the morning to do some river crossing and photo shoot. The plan was to ride straight to Bangalore and we managed to reach the city by 9 PM on April 14th 2019.

Below is the video of our journey, see you all for the next ride!


Members Participated:

1. Gautham

2. Subramanya Rao

3. Akash Tank

4. Amit Bangarwa

5. Suresh

6. Bhushan Narayan

7. Sushmita Tank

8. Mahesh Swamy

9. Madan Devaiah

10. Sanjay

11. Vasant

12. Prajnyan Mishra

13. Pavan B S

14. Sunil Kumar


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