Ettina Bhuja Ride [Ride 19]

October 13, 2018

Date: October 13th and 14th 2018

Starting Point: Bangalore

Destination: Ettina Bhuja 

Range: 600 Kms Round Trip

Stay: Coffee Heaven



Day 1:


Start Point: Bengaluru

Destination: NPS Lake View Resort, Kolli Hills

Distance: 280 Kms

Places to cover: Kolli Hills Hairpin curves, View point


October 13th 2018 : We left early morning at 5.30 AM and it took around 6 hours to reach Coffee Heaven. Once we dumped the luggage we had a satisfying meal at Coffee Heaven homestay. We headed out and explored the surroundings, visited Abbey Falls. That evening we had campfire and traditional food ( Veg/Non-veg ).


October 14th 2018 : We visited the main destination, Ettina Bhuja. We'll rode to the base as early as we could and trekked to the peak. It was one hell of a view!.

 NOTE: This area is very restricted and permission to enter is granted under the supervision of locals. You could find lot of wild animals in this area. Be very careful.


Post that we headed straight to Bangalore. This was one of the easiest rides we had ever done.