Kolli Hills Ride [Ride 18]

August 18, 2018

Date : Aug 18th and 19th 2018

Assembly : 5:30 AM 

Distance : 600 Kms (Approx.)



Day 1:


Start Point: Bengaluru

Destination: NPS Lake View Resort, Kolli Hills

Distance: 280 Kms

Places to cover: Kolli Hills Hairpin curves, View point


We were excited about just one part on Day 1, the mighty-70 hairpin curves! Starting early gave us plenty of time to relax and take enough breaks. In fact this was one of the shortest trips that we have ever done with a range of about 600 kms (2 days). 


Since most of the members joined were already part of the club, coordinating was not a tough job. We had breakfast near Salem and the lunch was arranged at the Home stay. We reached the destination by 1 pm and the hairpin curve  ride was really enjoyable. Please be advised, these are not that safe, we spotted many reckless drivers here on truck and buses.  


We headed to a viewpoint nearby and it was worth the visit. The view from the watch tower was breathtaking. We settled for the day with a nice dinner arranged at the home stay. Everyone enjoyed their time together with lot of laughs and jokes :-)



Day 2::


Start Point: NPS Lake View Resort, Kolli Hills

Destination: Bengaluru

Distance: 280 Kms

Places to cover: Masila Waterfall, Hairpin-bend Road (Round 2)