Agumbe Ride [Ride 17]

June 9, 2018

Date : Jun 9th and 10th 2018

Assembly : 5:30 AM 

Distance : 800Kms (Approx.)



Day 1:


We assembled near Nelamangala and after the briefing we headed to our first destination, Agumbe. We named this as Monsoon ride and guess what it was a wet one all the way from the start :-P. As we reached Kunigal, the rains came pouring down and the sun was gone for 2 days straight. We had a total of 19 riders this time and it was a huge group, there were couple of new members as well. It was already a challenging ride and we really appreciate the way the newbies handled it. 


Though we had all weather jackets, pants, gloves etc., the water eventually got in to every place imaginable! It was definitely not a easy talk to ride and the visibility was not that great too. 


We headed straight to the Male mane homestay in Agumbe. Day 1 was almost over by the time we reached there. We all needed some quality rest. 



Day 2::


Visited Doddamane (place where Malgudi Days was shot) and Kundadri hills. We had to deal with a flat tyre early in the morning. The nearest workshop was in Someshwar, we had to cross the Agumbe Ghat to fix this. The teams were split and Madan and Bhushan got the tyre fixed as the rest of the team reached back homestay. Thanks to our backup technician Suresh who fixed the tyre back to the bike in no time.


We had lost much time already, we headed to Bangalore but we couldn't ignore Charmadi ghat. So the plan was to take that route and we are glad that it was a great decision. All throughout the road there were waterfalls, scenic viewpoints and the background noise of the heavy rains :-)