Heritage Ride - Part 1 [Ride 12]

We completed another chapter of Bulletizers Rides, this time we left our footprints in World Heritage Centers like Hampi, Aihole, Badami, Pattadakal and Almatti.

It was very unique experience, a revisit to our cultural and architectural richness. There's literally nothing more to expect when you have some incredible co-riders who made the journey a hard-to-erase memory.


1. Amod Shankar - TB 350 2. Bijendra - COntinental GT 535 3&4. Manoj & Arvind - Classic 350 5. Manjunath - Classic 350 6. Aniket Sengar - Suzuki Gixxer SF 7. Ashok Kumar - Classic 350 8. Madan M Devaiah - Himalayan 411 9. Mahesh Swamy - Himalayan 411


Dates: 24, 25, 26 June, 2017. Bikes: 2 Himalayans, 3 Classic, 1 Continental GT, 1 Gixxer SF, 1 Thunderbird 350(Mine). Route: Bangalore -> Chitradurga -> Hospet -> Hampi -> Badami -> Pattadakal -> Aihole -> Almatti dam -> Hospet -> Chitradurga -> Bangalore Kms total: ~1140


Bangalore - Hampi : 340 Kms

Hampi was founded in the year 1336 AD, by the two brothers Harihara, also known as Hakka and Bukka. Hampi has also been called as Vijayanagara or Virupakshapura. Hampi has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage centre.

Road condition: Bangalore to Chitradurga: Excellent, Chitradurga to Hospet: moderate to bad. There is 4 lane work in progress all over and barring 20-30 kms, the entire stretch is bad. This aggravates with countless trucks plying and extreme crosswinds making it real dangerous. So it was decided that the meeting point will be Mc Donalds near Gorguntepalaya on Tumkur road. The assembly time was 4:30 AM so we woke up at 3 and got ready by 3:40 to meet 2 fellow riders near my home at ORR Mahadevapura.

We crossed Chitradurga at 9 AM and took a right towards Hospet and the bad roads and heavy corsswinds started. The crosswinds in the entire area from Chitradurga all the way to Almatti dam is a real issue for bikers. The winds seem to uproot you from the road and bring right under a moving truck. Event though we were on some of the heaviest bikes - it was real dangerous. Spare a thought to Aniket - on his Gixxer But the good thing was, all the riders were extremely professional and it was good to see that. A pro tip to travelers from Chitradurga to Hospet: There are absolutely NO good restaurants in this stretch. There are all small dhabas where truckers and construction laborers eat. So if you are looking for *Good and Hygienic* places to eat, don't expect that. We stopped at some random dhaba and decided to have breakfast there as there was no other option. The food was fairly good as we were not expecting anything.

Braving the bad roads and truck traffic, we moved on. One of the Classics broke down after some half an hour and refused to start. After some trouble shooting it turned out that in reserve fuel mode, it was starting. Later in the day at the RE service centre, it turned out there was nothing wrong. Madan's Himalayan was leaking a lot of engine oil from the head but he braved on. We reached Hospet around 1 PM and got to the hotel. Madan took his bike to service centre where they got the seal replaced, and only 1 litre of engine oil was left in the engine, so he decided to replace the oil after the repair. The guys at RE Hospet are so helpful and courteous. So at around 3:30 we were all set to move towards Hampi which is 12 Kms from Hospet.


Hampi - Aihole, Badami, Pattadakal, Kudala Sangama : 225 Kms

Road condition: Hospet to badami: Excellent with good village roads; Badami to Pattadakal to Aihole: Moderate to bad with couple of huge waterlogged craters; Aihole to Almatti dam: moderate to excellent highway. It was day 2 and after an amazing breakfast at Hotel Shanbhag, Around 9 am we started for Badami which was 130 kms.

We reached Badami and the parking was a chaos with huge crowd and little space in the main courtyard. We had to cramp up between few buses and had to hide our luggage in some random shop because of the nuisance created by monkey bandits. These were ready to tear off anything unattended and even looting food from tourists. When we returned from the caves, few of our bikes were a mess of food and curry items eaten by monkeys on tanks and seats - thanks to ignorant tourists in buses who decided to throw the leftover plates in the parking !

After Badami, we left for pattadakal post a good lunch on outskirts of Badami. Reached pattadakl in some 30 mins through some bad roads passing through villages. The bikes were getting a lot of local attention with people waving, asking our origin and prices of bikes - felt good. Pattadakal monuments are one of best maintained premises I have ever seen - flawless. Carrying our luggage was bit of a problem everytime we enteres some ticketed area, but leaving them on bikes was not an option.

We reached Almatti dam at 6:40PM. There is a musical fountain show organised in the evening at the dam premises which is excellent. The entire area has been amazingly maintained and developed - which is a treat to eyes.

End Day 2 with musical fountain show at Almatti Dam.


Almatti Dam - Bangalore

Road condition: Almatti dam to Hospet: Excellent highway, Hospet to Chitradurga and Chitradurga to Bangalore: Mentioned earlier.

This was the final day(26th June) and we had decide to leave early to avoid the evening traffic while entering Bangalore. We left at 5:40 from Almatti. The Higway was amazing and we did good speeds up to Hospet. After hospet, again the bad roads started and we made slow but steady progress. The crosswinds were at work again.


Video Log by Aniket Sengar

Written By,

Amod Shankar

Member, Bulletizers.

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