Coorg Reunion 1 [Ride 11]

RIDE DATE: 18th & 19th MARCH 2017







Susanta - STANDARD 500

Sagar - STANDARD 500

Aditya – THUNDERBIRD 350

Shreyas – ELECTRA 350



Any road trip generates a lot of excitement and adrenaline rush especially when you are an adventure motorcyclist. Any distance seems minute & you start to get a feeling that it’s all about the journey and reaching the destination, not the miles.

Any biker truly lives by these evergreen words i.e. ‘Four wheels move the body but two wheels move the Soul’. Living by this spirit, riding is in the DNA of Bulletizers.

Here is an account of one of the most exciting and adventurous reunion rides ‘The Coorg Reunion Ride’.

Day I:

As per the plan we decided to meet near Nelamangala on the Bangalore – Mangalore highway at 05:30 AM and kick off from there. All of us were almost bang on time especially Aditya & Sagar making it well before time (that showed their excitement levels for the trip J). The greatest surprise of the morning was to see the BULLETIZERS group flag on Madan’s Himalayan. The flag looked elegant & fluttered with excitement to kick off ride. Icing on the cake was the moment when Madan lit our eyes with joy by handing over our individual rider badges to be pinned on our chests. We all pinned it & displayed it proudly :-)

A quick introduction of all the riders, a small but important briefing on riding rules by Madan & Mahesh, filling up of our bike bellies at nearby petrol station and we were good to thump the roads. The cool, calm, serene and smooth highways eased us to cruise at 90 -100 Kms/h. After covering 150 Kms, we halted for our first break. We had a sumptuous breakfast & started again. We took one or two more breaks on the way and throttled at an easy pace with an ETA of touching KushalNagar in 5 Hours approximately.

We reached KushalNagar around 11:00 AM & checked into a homestay named TRIBAL LAND which aptly justified its stature. The road leading to Tribal Land from the main road was not less than an off-road experience for all of us but we enjoyed it to the core as it awakened the adventure instinct inside us. Once we unpacked our bikes, we pitched in our tents just besides the banks of river Harangi which is a tributary of Cauvery. It emerges from the western ghats (Pushpagiri Hills) at Kodagu (Coorg) & joins Cauvery at Kudige in Somwarpet taluk. Tent pitching was fun and gave us ample time and space to interact with each other as well to help each other and build a bonhomie and brotherhood among all the riders.

After getting fresh, deciding the menu for the evening dinner with the caretaker we decided to have lunch outside on our way to The Harangi Dam. We had our lunch on our way to the dam at an unnamed hotel which served us mouthwatering mutton curry with steam rice. The flavor of the curry is still fresh in our minds.

After a satiating lunch, we cranked our machines again on our way to the dam. The dam is located 9Kms from the heart of KushalNagar & the road leading to this place had lot of curves. We reached the place around 1500 hours and parked our bikes. Important to mention that there is a check gate & there is an entry fee as well. The main attraction was the point from where the water emanating and getting collected in form a pool. This point was surrounded by huge rocks & well below the ground level.

We decided to trek down & reach the point so that we can all relax and enjoy the beauty of this beautiful place. The trek down was a mix of paved stairs as well gravel with no trace of laid pathway. We managed our way to the bottom and placed ourselves at a comfortable rock. Mahesh, Manohar, Sagar & Akash jumped into the water to enjoy the fresh water. Madan & Susanta took a quick nap to refresh themselves. After spending around 2 hours at the place we began to trek up again to the parking area. The trek up was arduous and the heat was taking a toll on us. We struggled to reach the top & helped ourselves with buttermilk to regain our strengths.

We left the place at 1730 hours and decided to pick drinks & refreshments for the evening camp fire on our way back. Madan, Akash & Susanta went to pick up the stuffs while rest of the group left for Tribal Land. The beer bottles were loaded on the carrier of Susanta’s bike & Madan and Akash ensured that they escort him. It was an experience of sorts when you take up the responsibility to deliver the bottles in the dark and bumpy roads, especially when the entire gang is waiting for you, gearing up for the campfire and eagerly waiting to gulp the beers after a long day to celebrate. After successfully reaching the campsite with all the bottles intact it was a deep sense of satisfaction of ‘job well done’.

We helped the caretaker to arrange the campfire and were joined by a bunch of tourists who were common friends of Susanta. All of us had a nice time interacting with them, sharing our drinks and experiences. They left us at 2200 hours as they had to travel back to another place. After their send off our boys continued the fun. After having our dinner around 2330 hours we slipped into our tents under the open sky.

Day II:

We opened our eyes to another bright day little late in the morning at 0900 hours when the sun rays pierced through the tents. We got fresh and started for a nature walk with to nearby forest area escorted by the caretaker who was well acquainted with the place . We strolled our way to a beautiful stretch of water body (probably a channel from river Harangi). We all had great fun posing for some crazy pictures and some of us enjoyed the experience of natural fish spa.

We were back to the base by 1130 hours. We were all damn hungry and ambushed the breakfast served. After unpacking of tents & packing our bags, we loaded our bikes to say a final good bye to the place and head back to Bangalore. We posed a for a final group picture with standing next to our machines. This group picture came out extremely well & deserves to be framed.

We departed from Tribal Land at 1300 hours & decided to have our lunch on our way. But then we encountered the real climax of the trip. It was appx. 10kms we would have covered when we touched Kushal Nagar main town & Sagar’s bike meet a breakdown. We tried our best to start the bike but it didn’t crank. Adding woes to the injury was that it was a strike in Kushal Nagar & adjoining areas which made it virtually impossible to find a mechanic. With great difficulty Madan managed to get a mechanic who looked more clueless than us in repairing the bike. With each passing moment, the anxiety of delay was making everyone more restless. Finally, Sagar decided to consult his regular mechanic in Bangalore who guided us over phone to make a stop gap arrangement. We all followed his tips and tried our hands at starting the bike. The bull cranked after completing the procedure and it was a eureka moment for us. All of us screamed together expressing our happiness of fixing the bike. Though we fixed the bike to start but the electricals were not working and hence the headlamps as well. We decided to escort him in the pack once it’s dark.

We had our lunch and left Kushal Nagar at 1530 hours to touch the Mangalore highway. Akash & Susanta escorted Sagar with their flood lights after day light. We cruised at a good speed to reach Nelamangla by 2130 hours. We departed from the point where we had meet to our respective homes & reached home safely. This marked a conclusion of another beautiful & memorable trip with BULLETIZERS.

Takeaways for us were:

  • Forged new bonds with new riders for lifetime

  • Carried memories for ever

  • Spent time close to the nature

  • Breakaway from mundane daily work & regained focus

  • Vital ride experience

  • Experience to deal with unforeseen situations

It’s good bye till we see you again with another trip account. HAPPY AND SAFE RIDING….

- Team Bulletizers

Written By:

Susant Kumar Panda

Senior Member and Event Coordinator

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