2 Days, 4 States for 1 Cause [Ride 10]

It's yet another proud moment at Bulletizers! 4 senior members of the club are going full throttle this time to travel 4 states ( Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh ) covering about 1400 kms in 2 days. This is planned on April 29th and 30th, we do know that the humidity levels are off the scale but you cannot ask for a better chance to see the affect of global warming for ourselves with temperature crossing 44°C on our way.

In association with Sight Savers India (www.sightsaversindia.in), we are attempting this ride to raise funds and assess underprivileged children for their eye surgeries/operations and promote equal opportunities for visually impaired ones among us. For us, this is the driving force.

Purpose of the campaign:

As per the WHO, 80% of blindness is the world is preventable yet we find in all walks of our life children, women and adults crippled by visual difficulties. In 2015 alone, SightSavers were able to conduct 1.6 million eye screenings in India; 1, 32,144 sight restoration surgeries; and provide 1, 22,138 spectacles for people in need while working in 72 Indian districts. This year they have an estimated target of reaching out to 160,000 people with cataract surgeries across 97 districts from the state.

We hereby invite all of you who wish to make donations towards aforementioned medical expenses. Let's eliminate avoidable blindness, together.

To make a donation visit: https://milaap.org/fundraisers/ridersforacause

- Team Bulletizers

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