The Coastal Ride [Ride 2]

START POINT : Bangalore ROUTE : Bangalore - Hassan- Sakleshpur- Mangalore - Bhatkal - Murudeshwar- Agumbe - Sringeri - Chikmangalur - Bangalore. Range :1400 Kms (approx.) Duration : 4 Days END POINT : Bangalore


As usual we started from Bangalore at 4 AM on 1st January 2014. Our main focus was to leave Bangalore city and hit the Bangalore-Hassan national highway before the traffic gets thick. As planned we were able to leave Bangalore and take the highway by Sunrise. As the highway is one of the best roads in Karnataka without a single hump we did 90 Kmph constantly and hence could cover a good distance in no time. After covering about 150kms we stopped for breakfast. We did not stop anywhere as our destination was Mangalore.

We crossed Sakleshpur and we were out of the straight roads. We got curvy western Ghat road and our machine was cruising through the hairpins! After some bad sections we finally reached Mangalore city and had our lunch with delicious sea food. We then wanted to rest and met some old buddies in the city. After some good hours of sleep we started our ride again towards the north along the coastal roads on 2nd January 2015. We stopped near St. Mary's island and took the boat. Our next stop was some cool beach were we could get our bikes to the waves. Unfortunately the beach sand was so loose our 200kg machines was doing nothing but digging holes.

We then made our way towards Bhatkal. There was one section of road where it had Sea over the right side and river to the other. We took a break in Bhatkal and headed to Murudeshwar, that was our destination of the day!. It is sucha a beautiful temple!. We were excited for the next day as we headed towards Agumbe with lots of curves and hairpins. Even though we were a bit lazy we started our journey by morning 8 on 3rd January 2015. As expected we had some amazing stretches of roads with breathtaking landscape. We had no pans of stopping in any place since we did not want to waste out time. We enjoyed the ride every second. Our destination of the 3rd day was Sakleshpur. As we neared Sakleshpur we got some real bad section of road but still it was adventurous. We reached the town at around 7Pm and booked a room. The Fourth and last day we headed towards Bangalore and it was time to hit the National Highway again. We wanted to reach early as were supposed to go to office the next day!! It was such a nice journey and what a way to welcome 2014

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