Ride to Scotland of India: Coorg [Ride 7]

Explore the rich history of Kodagu, replete with the stories of its brave warriors and worth exploring in its many historical monuments. The beautiful Coorg is made of rolling hills with acres of coffee plantations. The villages and hamlets here exude a forever ambience, timeless in their beauty.


The Ride Plan

Independence day 2016 was Bulletizers 3rd year anniversary and we rode to Coorg with our members. The rain, mist, bikes, campfire and awesome people made the ride an extraordinary one! Although it is very difficult to summarize the ride experiences in one page we have tried our best by sharing few pictures below.

Day 1 : 13th August

Start Point : 6:00 AM | Nice road exit, Kengeri (Click here for Locate) Destination : Madikeri

​A visit to Golden Temple, Namdroling Monastery in Bylakuppe (a Tibetan settlement) on the way to Madikeri.​

  • We rested in our Home-stay and visited a scenic bridge for some photographs.

  • We rode back to Home-stay for much needed campfire where we exchanged our ride/life experiences. That's when we realized how close our mindset is.

Day 2 : 14th August

We started the day early and visited Talakavery which was a bit crowded as it was a weekend. As expected the hills were almost hidden due to the dense fog, a spectacular view of river Kaveri's birthplace. ​ On the way back we visited Nalknad Palce which belonged to king Chikka Veerarajendra. It was a hideout place for the king in the event of any attacks on his main palace. Due to heavy rains we had to cancel our plans slightly but nevertheless the rains only made our members love the ride more!

Day 3 : 15th August

We visited to Mandalpatti to celebrate Independence Day on top of the world! which was probably the most important part of the ride.. That feel when the cloud wraps you around, you start the engines with the headlamps on and sing our National anthem.....Oh man no one can explain it in words. I hope our ride members can understand that. This concluded the ride and we then headed back to Bangalore via Sravanabelagola and the new route made the trip less boring :-)

Intro to the new members :

​Sushant and Namratha : ​ The Power couple, wow!. we were amazed by Namratha with the way she was enjoying the long ride and supporting Sushant equally. The positive attitude that this couple has is beyond limits. Thanks for sharing your heroic life experiences with us guys, thanks to the campfire!

Rudrapratap : ​ The 6 foot 3 Desert Stormer, RP was already friends with Sushant and Namratha. That didn't make him to stick with just them. RP was very social and got along with everyone quickly. RP had the 'let's go do it' attitude throughout the journey which gives immense confidence for the organizers.

Ramakrishna : ​ Powered by filter coffee! yes, he rode all the way from Chennai to Bangalore to join us for the ride. Hats off for your passion brother! Ram is in for all plans if he gets to drink a cup of filter coffee. It was great to see someone with such dedication and we really respect Ram for that. Looking forward for some more adventure with you.

Aniket Sengar: ​ Mr. Lively, neither had a thumping Royal Enfield nor a 350 CC plus motorbike but was one of the most entertaining member in the group. And ya he was on a Suzuki Gixxer SF which was a great bike and we realized that on our ride. It stood with the beasts’ pretty well. Did all the off-roading that the Enfields did! Impressive.

Vivek Raju :​ ​ The ShutterPro, Vivek was a great photographer as well as a responsible rider on road. It was really great having such mature members in the group, enjoying every bit of the journey. Do get that third eye of yours along with the white classic 350 for the next ride.

Pradeep Hiremat and Pankaj Gupta : ​ Two friends from Bangalore, in fact Pradeep was one of the first to join our club back in 2014 and he was able to make it to the Coorg ride. It was good having both of them, and yea don't forget to bring that selfie stick for the next one :-)

Mithun Venkatachalapathi: The head-turner limited edition 'Desert Storm Despatch 500' owner, among the very few in India he owns the beautiful and history rich bike from Royal Enfield. Although this wasn't the first ride for Mithun with us we had enough time to hangout with him this time

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