Strong Grip allows your phone to be held firmly even during bumpy rides. Silicone jaw grips protect phone edges. Specially Designed for Bike handle bars. Fits all Bicycles and motorcycle handlebars.

360 degree rotating allow adjusting the display to the most convenient position.

Komodo Mount – 6.2 inch screen

  • Robust Framework – Sturdy non-slip polymer-lined Komodo grip and high grade slide lock holds the case firmly in place at all times.

    Water Repellent – Solid construction, combined with coated fastener, keeps the device dry from scanty showers. Not recommended in heavy rains.

    Simple Assembly – Threaded design for effortless installation and release.

    Dust Resistant – The well-protected case protects the internal device from elements.

    Clenching Grip – Upper and Lower Jaw like construction for facilitating maximum grip on to the handle-bar.

    360 Degree Swivel – The pouch can be rotated and placed at any angle as and when needed.

    Vibration-proof – Two foams of different sizes are included, which can be used in absorbing vibrations for devices of varying thickness.

    Maximum diameter: 38mm
    Minimum diameter: 20mm

    FREE Accessory Carabiner inside


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